Crown Restoration In A Single Visit

Did you break or damage your tooth? This can easily happen when chewing, and if it has happened to you, you may need a dental crown. Are you in pain? Is it uncomfortable? Hard to chew? Is there a sharp piece of tooth jabbing your tongue? All of these scenarios are possible, and if you are having this issue, and you need a dental crown, we can perform a crown restoration in a single visit!

Why You May Need A Dental Crown

There are several reasons that may lead to your need for a dental crown. Some of these reasons include:

  • An accidental impact to your tooth
  • Excessive decay
  • A tooth chip or fracture
  • A broken tooth
  • Root canal treatment

A Dental crown is a hollow tooth that fits over what remains of your natural tooth structure (after crown preparation). Your compromised tooth will need to be prepared for the crown by reducing it to accommodate the size and thickness of your new ceramic crown. Once the crown is placed you will be able to chew and smile just like before.

A Crown In A Day

Here at Newman Dental, we’ve invested in E4D, an advanced dental technology which offers exceptional convenience by providing us with the ability to design, fabricate, and place a crown in a single visit. Patients no longer need to take time out of their schedules for several dental visits for a crown restoration. With E4D technology we can take a digital impression of your tooth, upload it into the system, and design the crown restoration using special software. This design is then digitally shared with an on-site milling machine that will mill a dental crown out of a solid ceramic block while you wait. Once the crown is milled, Dr. Newman will expertly bond it to your prepared tooth, and you can walk out of our office with your smile restored, all in a single visit.