Can You Turn Back Time with Smile Enhancements?

Enjoy a Younger Looking SmileWhen was the last time you looked into the mirror, and liked the reflection that was staring back at you? How long has it been since you went out with friends, and proudly smiled for photographs and laughed without worry that they would notice or even fixate on your teeth’s imperfections? If the years have caused noticeable staining to your smile, or visible wear to your teeth, it can be difficult to smile confidently. You can’t turn back the clock; it’s true. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry does make it possible to reverse noticeable staining, and to leave you with a younger, enhanced looking smile! Who doesn’t want that?

Address Imperfections with Effective Cosmetic Treatments

If your biggest concern is the color of your teeth, due to staining or discoloration, the great news is that professional teeth whitening could likely create dramatic results. Most people enjoy teeth that are several shades lighter, up to eight shades, when they choose professional treatment. This stands in stark contrast to the more subtle results most over-the-counter whitening can provide, and often only with prolonged treatment.

What If Other Issues Are Causing Insecurity?

Are you concerned because of more comprehensive esthetic issues, such as disproportionately sized teeth, or those that seem mishapen? Are there even minor gaps between teeth, or visible wear along the edges? If so, your dentist might recommend cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers, or even modern detnal crowns to help create esthetic, and in some cases functional benefits as well. All can help to create beautiful improvements, allowing for restored confidence!

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