Simple Ways to Enjoy Great Oral Health in 2017

Great Oral Health In 2017Now that a new year has officially begun, you may already be trying to live out the resolutions you set on New Year’s Eve. For instance, you might be eating healthier foods, and hitting the gym with increased frequency. But what about your oral health? Have you taken any steps to protect some of your most valuable assets in 2017, your teeth and gums? Preventive dental care isn’t complicated. It doesn’t even have to be time consuming. That said, you do need to commit to caring for your smile, this year, if you want to enjoy it now and for many years to come!

Watch What You Eat and Drink

What you eat and drink doesn’t just impact your waistline. It can also have a huge impact on your oral health. That said, not all “healthy” foods are actually great for the smile. Many items commonly considered healthy can actually be extremely high in sugar, which is problematic from both a weight standpoint, and one’s oral health. That is because sugar contributes to tartar buildup, which can create cavities. Avoid this by opting for truly healthy ingredients, like fresh vegetables and fruits.

When you do buy processed or packaged foods, look for those without sugar, or at least items that don’t list sugar as a lead ingredient. The same goes for beverages, including juices, smoothies, and protein shakes!

Don’t Forget to Floss

Brushing your teeth is important, but so is flossing. Sadly, many people skip this key preventive step. To better protect your teeth in between dental visits, make sure you floss at least once a day, in addition to brushing twice a day. This limits plaque buildup, which helps to protect both the teeth and gums.

See the Dentist at Least Twice This Year

Finally, dental exams and cleanings are crucial to prolonged oral health. Simply scheduling bi-annual checkups can be a great way to protect against cavities and other common threats. If you are already overdue for an appointment, start January on a healthy smile note, by scheduling an exam and cleaning or periodontal therapy this month!

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