Enjoy a Healthy Smile with Simple Preventive Care

Healthy Smile with Simple Preventive CareDo you want to spend 2017 enjoying great oral health? If so, now is a great time to evaluate whether your smile is currently getting the dental care it needs, or if there are any things you can and should be doing to better protect your oral health. If you do determine that your smile could use a little more care, make it a resolution to make sure you actually do take the steps necessary to protect your oral health, better, as you move forward. That way you can enjoy the comfort and confidence that comes with knowing you have a beautiful and healthy smile!

Dental Hygiene and Diet Play a Big Role

Two ways to help keep your smile in great shape are by watching what you eat, and by committing to a diligent daily dental hygiene routine. For instance, limiting how much sugar you consume can help to prevent tartar buildup, which could lead to cavities and the development of gum disease, as well. Drinking water is also beneficial, since it can help to rinse food particles and bacteria from the surface of teeth, between brushings. It also hydrates the mouth, and allows for saliva production, which is a natural defense against plaque bacteria.

Your hygiene routine should include twice daily brushing and daily flossing, as well, in order to best clean the teeth in between your routine dental visits. Skipping either of these steps can lead to further plaque buildup, so don’t skimp on your hygiene. With practice, both brushing and flossing should take less than ten minutes, making them an easy, yet important, way to care for your smile!

Don’t Skip Regular Checkups and Cleanings

Of course, no amount of hygiene is going to be an alternatives to visiting your dentist for preventive care, including checkups and exams. You should see the dentist for a cleaning at least once every six months, more if you are prone to cavities or have been diagnosed with gum disease.