Are Tooth Extraction and Tooth Loss Different?

are-tooth-extraction-and-tooth-loss-differentDoes it really matter, when a tooth is missing, how it happened? From a dental point of view there is a difference between a planned extraction and tooth loss. While the result may be the same: an empty spot where a tooth used to be, there is more to each situation. The good news is, we have experience in tooth extraction and dealing with tooth loss. We can help you find a solution that restores your oral health and preserves your smile. We can help you with answers, when a tooth is removed from your smile.

Unplanned Extraction Can be a Dental Emergency

If you (or your child or loved one) has a facial injury, immediate or subsequent tooth loss can result. When a tooth is loosened or knocked out, it can be a dental emergency. Please call our office immediately so we can guide you on the next step. We may need to see you in our office within a few hours or the next day. We can also reassure you and consult with you on the next steps in repairing the situation.

Planned Extraction

Sometimes teeth don’t come naturally into the places we need them. Or they come in at a place and time that is not healthy for a jaw or smile. Wisdom teeth may try to enter where there is not space. Sometimes teeth are crowded in the jaw, and pushing other teeth out of alignment. We can advise you  when we see the need for a planned extraction, and make sure you are comfortable before, during and after the procedure.

Tooth Loss Over Time

Tooth loss can occur from gum problems, certain drug uses or, even with good oral care, tooth loss may occur with age. Any space in your smile is an invitation for other teeth to shift out of position. A missing front tooth can affect your confidence. Multiple missing teeth can affect your ability to speak clearly and chew comfortably. Dental implants can be a long-lasting and natural looking solution for replacing a tooth or several teeth.