Sip Cocoa and Coffee, Again, with Restorative Dentistry

Do You Need Restorative Dentistry?Have you been avoiding all your favorite hot beverages for the past few weeks or even months, all because of heightened sensitivity you have been experiencing lately? In fact, has it been a while since you were last able to enjoy a bite of dessert, or a sip of coffee, without great discomfort? Both heightened sensitivity and discomfort can be early indication of acidic erosion, the kind responsible for cavity creation. Fortunately, when detected promptly, most dental decay can be addressed through simple treatment, like tooth-colored dental fillings. So, if you are worried you could have a cavity, stop delaying a trip to the dentist. Instead, speak with your restorative dentist about how a filling could help you smile, and sip, again with comfort and confidence!

Address Discomfort and Staining with Restorative Treatment

People are often tempted to overlook sensitivity. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to cavities progressing before they are diagnosed. Regular dental appointments are a great way to protect against cavities, in the first place, and also to detect and treat them promptly if they have developed.

In most cases, dental fillings can be used to help restore teeth impacted by acidic erosion. These can be quickly completed, and should improve a patient’s comfort. Modern tooth fillings are even crafted to look natural, so people can smile confidently, without fear their dental restorations will be all anyone sees.

Don’t Ignore Those Dental Symptoms

Delaying treatment for a cavity can allow the erosion to continue, often leading to more painful dental infections, which must be addressed through root canal treatment. So, don’t ignore any symptoms of dental problems. Instead, see the dentist quickly, when minimally invasive treatment will likely still be sufficient.