Can Restorative Dentistry Help You Smile Again?

Can Restorative Dentistry Improve Your Smile?Are you suffering from dental discomfort? In fact, is it painful when you try to enjoy a hot beverage or an iced cold treat? If so, have you considered the possibility that you could require restorative dentistry? Many people struggle with cavities, and even infected teeth, without knowing the cause of their discomfort, or the many ways a restorative dentist could help improve their dental comfort and their overall oral health. Fortunately, modern dental restorations do make it possible to help address a variety of dental problems, and often with comfortable and seamless solutions. So if you do have a problem, restoration can help you smile confidently and without dental pain.

Dental Fillings Are Common Solutions

Since cavities are the most common dental problem, dental fillings are one of the most common forms of restoration. Fortunately, fillings are a minimally invasive yet effective way to help treat cavities, because they help to seal the tooth against exposure to food and bacteria that could lead to an infection.

Plus, modern dental fillings can be made of a more seamless material than the metal amalgam materials that were once common. Tooth-colored fillings, as they are often called, are generally made from a composite resin material that is both more attractive and more comfortable than metal, because the resin conducts less heat than metal.

Crowns Can Be Versatile Restorations

Dental crowns are another effective form of restorative treatment, because they can help create a strong layer of protection against further wear, erosion, and other potential damage. While crowns can still be made of metal, many patients prefer the beauty and comfort of dental porcelain, instead, which creates natural-looking results that inspire confidence as well as comfort.

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