Dazzle This Season with Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Bright with Cosmetic DentistryIs your calendar filling up, quickly, with holiday events and family gatherings? The holidays are a great time to spend quality time with those you love, and to celebrate another great year. However, it is hard to enter such a festive season when you are feeling insecure because of your smile. Staining, spacing problems, and inconsistencies in the size or shape of teeth cause many people to feel embarrassed when smiling, much less posing for photographs. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry provides a number of treatment options that a dentist can use to help hide imperfections, and to craft a more beautiful, yet still natural-looking smile. So if all you really want this holiday season is a more dazzling smile, why not talk to your cosmetic dentist about how he or she could help make that wish a reality with smile enhancements?

Is Professional Whitening What Your Smile Needs?

One of the most common forms of professional cosmetic treatment is teeth whitening. That is because the teeth’s enamel is porous, which allows foods and drinks to stain and discolor it over time.

Professional whitening can help erase years of staining, leading to noticeably brighter and whiter teeth, often in a single course of treatment, making it perfect for those wishing to brighten their smiles just in time for the holidays.

Could Bonding or Veneers Be a Great Solution?

Of course, for issues more comprehensive than mere staining, there is cosmetic bonding or even porcelain veneers. Both treatments can help to hide a variety of flaws, including inconsistencies in the size or shape of the teeth, as well as minor spaces between some of the teeth. Though braces are still ideal when the alignment issues have created functional issues, as well as esthetic ones, if the spaces are minor, bonding and veneers are often great and much faster solutions.

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