Bite Alignment And Posture: How Are They Related?

bad-postureWhen you read the title of this blog you may have thought, bite alignment and posture couldn’t possibly be related, but the fact is that they are. You may also not think of your teeth or jaw as part of your skeletal system, but they are. Bad posture can affect your bite, and a bad bite can affect your posture.

How a Bad Bite Can Affect Your Posture

It is quite simple actually, the bones in your body have to all be in the right places for your body to function effectively and for you to feel at your best; just like all of your teeth have to be in the right place for you to have a healthy smile and effective bite. If a single tooth begins to move or becomes crooked, it affects all of the other teeth in your mouth, which eventually affects your bite alignment. Because your mouth is part of your skeletal system, it is like dominoes. One tooth, or one bone gets out of whack, then the next tooth or the next bone shifts. If your bite become misaligned so will your neck, your shoulders, and the rest of your posture all the way down to your toes!


  • If this begins to happen, or is happening to you, chances are you will experience symptoms which can include:
  • Pain in your jaw, head, neck, shoulder, and/or back
  • Ringing or plugged ears
  • Shoulders at different heights
  • Tenderness around your breast bone
  • Numbness or tingling in your fingers or hand
  • The length of your legs seem uneven
  • The heels of your shoes wear unevenly

If you are experiencing such symptoms, have a discussion with your dentist.