Can Your Smile Look Younger Through Cosmetic Dentistry?

Can Your Smile Look Younger Through Cosmetic Dentistry?Have you spent several years feeling embarrassed by your smile, but hesitated to speak with your general dentist because you are unsure what can really be done to improve it? Are you concerned that it will be too expensive, take too long, or even be impossible to make the kind of enhancements you’ve only every dreamed about? Many patients are pleasantly surprised when they learn about the many cosmetic treatment options available to help hide a host of esthetic imperfections, while also revealing the smile’s natural beauty. So if you are finally ready to stop wishing your smile looked different, and to actually talk to your dentist about how it could, it’s time to schedule a cosmetic consultation about how potential smile enhancements could help you!

Teeth Whitening Is Often a Fast Solution

One commonly recommended form of smile enhancement is professional teeth whitening, and that is likely because of how common teeth stains are. In fact, most people will struggle with discoloration, many with deep staining specifically, as they age. That is because, though the teeth are strong they are also porous, which means the foods and beverages you consume, now, can begin to penetrate the teeth’s enamel, and create discoloration over time, eventually leading to a smile that looks yellow, grey, or simply aged.

Professional whitening helps to break up these surface stains using prescription-grade products that have been proven to be both safe and effective, often creating noticeable results in as few as two weeks, through take-home treatment, and in approximately an hour, when a patient opts for the benefits of in-office treatment.

Bonding or Veneers Can Provide Comprehensive Improvements

For more comprehensive issues, the dentist may recommend either porcelain veneers or cosmetic bonding, both of which can provide beautiful results.

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