Can You Prevent Dental Cavities?

Can You Prevent dental Cavities?Are you worried about the possibility of developing dental cavities in the future? If you have struggled with cavities in the past, it is possible that you are genetically prone to dental decay, which can cause discomfort as well as esthetic issues. Fortunately, it is possible to help prevent cavities and the need for restorative dentistry like tooth fillings. It just requires a combination of diligent hygiene and other healthy habits meant to protect your oral health!

Take Great Care of Your Teeth At-Home

One easy way to help protect your teeth against cavity development is by taking great care of your teeth and gum sat home. This can be done by brushing the teeth at least twice a day, and also flossing once a day as well. Though many people neglect flossing, it is actually a great and simple way to better prevent plaque buildup that can cause acidic erosion.

Attend Routine Cleanings and Checkups

Of course, regular preventive dental visits are another way to properly protect the teeth against cavities and other issues. Most patients find that they need to visit the dentist between two and four times a year, in order to adequately prevent cavities. The time between treatments can vary based on your lifestyle and genetic factors, so speak with your dentist about how often your smile needs preventive care.

Seek Prompt Treatment If You Do Suspect an Issue

Finally, anytime you notice sensitivity or other warning signs of dental problems, it is important to see the dentist as soon as possible. Prompt treatment can often prevent the need for extensive restorative actions, such as root canal therapy or even extraction.

Without treatment, most dental issues, including cavities, will only get worse with time. So protect your smile by seeking dentistry quickly if you might have an issue.