Do Your Gums Need Extra Care?

Do Your Gums Get the Care They Need?Do your gums suddenly appear discolored or have they become easily irritated? Many people stop flossing if they notice bleeding, wrongly believing that this is indication that flossing itself is the problem. On the contrary, gums that bleed easily are one early warning sign of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. If your gums appear dark red or purple, instead of light pink (as healthy gums should appear) you could also be struggling with gingivitis. Fortunately, there are ways a general dentist can help restore your gums’ health, which is essential to maintaining a healthy smile! Remember, the gums are a crucial part of a healthy and beautiful smile, so make sure yours are getting the preventive dental care they need to remain strong and sturdy for your teeth.

Have You Been Diagnosed with Gingivitis? What Can Periodontal Therapy Do for You?

If you have been or are diagnosed with gingivitis, the dentist will likely recommend periodontal therapy, a type of deep cleaning which can be used to help remove plaque buildup and bacteria that can cause the gums to become unhealthy. Left untreated, gingivitis can lead to worsening of the gums’ health, eventually becoming the leading cause of adult tooth loss.

This is why, if you do notice your gums seem irritated or inflamed, it is important to schedule a dental appointment promptly. It’s also wise to keep in mind that frequent dental cleanings are actually one of the best ways to avoid gum disease and other common oral health threats, in the first place.