Address Dental Damage with a Seamless Restoration

Address Dental Damage with a Seamless RestorationAre you frustrated by the fact that you recently suffered a trauma that left one or several of your teeth visibly damaged, such as chipped or cracked? Sports injuries, work accidents, and even automobile accidents can leave teeth damaged, both externally and sometimes internally, as well. Unfortunately, so can chewing, especially when a person chews on hard items like hard candies or even ice. Restorative dentistry makes it possible to address tooth damage, though, often allowing your smile to both feel and look better following treatment. So if you are concerned you have damaged a tooth, it is time to seek restorative treatment that could allow you to smile confidently once again.

What Is Wrong with Your Teeth? Could a Filling or Crown Restore Your Smile?

In the case of chips, cracks, and even many cavities, a porcelain crown is recommended as restorative treatment, because it can help create a tight seal against further wear or even acidic erosion.

Another benefit of porcelain dental crowns is that they can be carefully designed to create a seamless restoration, one that blends naturally within the smile. In fact, dental porcelain is naturally similar to tooth enamel, in that it is both a strong and stain-resistant substance.

Don’t Ignore Dental Symptoms Like Discomfort

One important thing to remember, is that the sooner you seek dental treatment when you suspect you have a problem, the more likely the dentist will be able to restore your smile, and your comfort, using minimally invasive treatments, like a filling or crown.

So if you begin experiencing sensitivity or pain, schedule a dental appointment quickly.