Your Child Might Need Restorative Dental Treatment

Does Your Child Need Restorative Dentistry?Most parents make sure their kids brush their teeth at least twice a day, and take them for regular checkups. Unfortunately, many school-aged children will still struggle with dental caries, commonly called cavities. Both genetic factors and dietary choices can impact a person’s oral health, including his or her likelihood of developing dental caries. A diet high in added sugar, for instance, is far more likely to lead to cavities. Since many Americans consume a great deal of added sugar, cavities are the most common dental problem for children and adults, alike. Fortunately, restorative treatment makes it possible to bounce back from cavities, and to restore the oral health. So if you suspect your child might have a cavity, it is time to take him or her for restorative treatment.

How Can Fillings Help Teeth with Cavities?

Dental fillings are considered a minimally invasive restorative treatment, one which can help to improve a patient’s comfort, and the overall look of the smile, as well, since modern fillings can be made of a tooth-colored material.

This composite resin can actually be sculpted and shaded to closely match natural teeth, leading to natural-looking and beautiful restorations that inspire confidence, while also improving dental comfort. Since the resin bonds tightly with teeth it still creates a great seal against bacteria and food particles that could eventually lead to an infection, if unaddressed. This is why prompt treatment is necessary to protect teeth after dental damage, such as cavities, to prevent the need for more extensive treatment like root canal therapy.