Stop that Cavity with a Dental Filling

Stop Cavities With Dental FillingsAre you worried that you may have developed a dental cavity? Heightened sensitivity, discomfort, and even discoloration can all be warning signs of cavities. Sadly, most adults will experience cavities during their lifetimes. Some studies indicate nearly 90 percent of those over 30-years-old will suffer from cavities. Fortunately, in most cases, a dentist can help stop the erosion caused by a cavity, and help protect a damaged tooth, through the use of a minimally invasive tooth filling. So if you suspect you could be struggling with a cavity, don’t continue to suffer in silence. Instead, talk to your restorative dentist about how a filling could help!

Pay Attention to Warning Signs of Trouble

Teeth are not able to repair themselves as comprehensively as some parts of the body can, therefore if a tooth becomes damaged it will most likely require restorative dental treatment. In the case of cavities, there are often warning signs of the trouble, such as sensitivity to hot and cold foods, discomfort while eating, or grey or black lines along a tooth. By paying attention to these changes in your smile, and seeking treatment promptly if they arise, you can greatly increase the chance that a minimally invasive restorative treatment will be able to save your tooth and restore your oral health.

Prompt Treatment Can Help Protect Your Tooth

When detected early, most cavities can be treated through dental fillings. In fact, modern fillings can be completed quickly and offer a number of benefits when compared to the metal amalgam fillings that were once common used.

Composite resin, or tooth-colored, fillings are designed to look natural, while bonding tightly with teeth to create a great seal against further erosion or even infection. They also conduct less heat than metal, making them more comfortable for many patients.