Simple Tricks for a Healthier Smile

Simple Tricks for a Healthier SmileDo you ever find yourself wondering if it is possible to keep your smile healthy between dental visits? Whether you have struggled with numerous cavities in the past, are concerned by your teeth’s seemingly dingy appearance, or have recently been diagnosed with gum disease, whatever motivation you have for taking better care of your smile moving forward, the good news is that it is possible to maintain great oral health. You just need to be diligent about caring for both your teeth and gums, through a combination of daily hygiene, a healthy diet, and of course, regular preventive dental visits! There are actually a number of surprisingly simple ways to care for one’s smile.

What Does Hygiene Have to Do With It?

You were probably taught as a child to brush your teeth twice a day. But did you know that for many people brushing a third time, such as after lunch, can be helpful? The longer food particles and bacteria remain in your mouth, particularly stuck to the surface of your teeth, the more likely you are to suffer from dental decay. That is why it’s important to brush each night, before bed. It’s also why most adults would enjoy better oral health if they chose to brush their teeth midday, in addition to morning and night.

Does Your Diet Impact Your Dental Health?

You know that what you eat affects your body, but have you ever thought about how the foods you eat and the beverages you drink affect your oral health? Foods that are high in sugar can make you more prone to cavities, because the bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar, and simple starches that can easily be broken down into energy. For this reason, dentists recommend steering clear of candy, and making desserts only occasional treats, rather than mainstays in your diet. Instead, opt for healthy foods that are good for your oral health, such as vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats.