Conquer Your Fear with Help from Tucson Toastmasters!

Conquer Fear with Tucson ToastmastersAre you tired of letting your insecurity about public speaking hold you back in your professional life? Do you have concerns you’ll be overlooked for an upcoming promotion, because of your inability to communicate clearly when in front of a crowd? If so, it is time to learn how the international organization, Toastmasters, could help you overcome your fear of public speaking, and actually come to enjoy the act of entertaining a crowd. Tucson Toastmasters meets every Tuesday at noon, giving you ample opportunities to learn from other locals, as well as the many resources the organization provides to its members, all to help them become excellent orators!

Don’t Miss Out On This Great Learning Opportunity

The Tucson Toastmasters meet every Tuesday at noon, in the Texas Instruments Main Building, at 5411 E. Williams Boulevard, Tucson, Arizona, 85711. The meetings are open to the public, and prospective members are actually encouraged to visit several area groups before deciding which is the best fit for them.

Toastmasters also provides resources online, to help new members draft speeches and to practice before their big debuts.

For more information about Toastmasters, including other area meeting places and times, you can visit or call 520.243.3430.