Shine On with Professional Teeth Whitening

Shine On with Cosmetic DentistryAre you embarrassed because your once pearly white teeth are starting to look dingy, instead of vibrant and shiny? Most people experience some degree of staining over time, which can lead to insecurities about showing off their smiles. Fortunately, cosmetic dentists offer a fast and efficient way to help reverse most staining, leading to visibly brighter teeth, and more confidence to go with them. Professional whitening treatment is just one way a cosmetic dentist can help you shine on, with a dazzling smile you will be proud to show off, once again!

Reasons Over-the-Counter Products Might Not Be Sufficient

You may have tried over-the-counter whitening products to combat staining in the past. Did you enjoy the results, though? What many people don’t realize is that while there are hundreds of dental products that advertise their whitening capabilities, few are designed to create the same kind of dramatic results professional whitening can achieve. Furthermore, even fewer OTC products are able to lighten teeth as quickly as professional whitening.

So unless you are only hoping to create subtle changes, over time, you may prefer the added efficiency you can count on from professional whitening treatment.

Ways Professional Whitening Is Different

By choosing whitening treatment through a professional cosmetic dentist, most patients are able to lighten their teeth by eight or more shades. They can also rest assured that the products they are using are designed to be both efficient and safe, which is essential to the smile’s ongoing health and beauty.

Finally, professional whitening treatment comes along with the expertise of a dentist who can inform you if there are oral health concerns that could jeopardize the comfort or safety of your cosmetic treatment. For instance, undiagnosed cavities can make whitening treatment incredibly uncomfortable. By first treating the cavity, a dentist can help restore your oral health, comfort, and make whitening treatment a safer and more effective option for your smile!