Could Your Favorite Health Foods Be Bad for Your Teeth?

Is That Good Food Bad for Your TeethIs this year the first time you have fully committed to eating healthier and exercising, in an attempt to take better care of your body? For people looking to create healthier lifestyles, there are a number of seemingly promising products that can help in that effort. From energy bars to protein-packed smoothies, it can even be overwhelming, at times, trying to navigate the numerous seemingly healthy products at the store and gym. Fortunately, your preventive dentist can offer some helpful insight about which of these products are actually good for both your bodies and your smiles.

Beware Seemingly Healthy Items

Not all items considered health foods are actually good for your body, and many can actually be detrimental to your smile, if overused. For this reason, it is best to read the labels carefully, before purchasing any pre-packaged items. You might be shocked how much sugar is in many seemingly healthy products!

  • Granola bars, for instance, are often high in sugar and simple starches, which can both contribute to cavities, which would then require restorative treatment like a dental filling.
  • Smoothies and sports drinks are also frequently laden with added sugars. In most cases, it is best to drink water, which is essential to oral health.
  • The acidity in citrus fruits can also be bad for the enamel of your teeth. Though the nutrients in many fruits, including citrus, are great for you, it is best to limit your teeth’s exposure to particularly acidic foods. So enjoy an orange before brushing your teeth, and avoid too many citrus juices.
  • Remember, sugar and acidity are two of the biggest culprits behind cavities and other dental issues, including gum disease. So when choosing what to eat, opt for low-sugar choices!