Freshen Up Your Breath with Great Dental Care

Fresh Breath Through Dental CareHave you felt embarrassed, lately, by chronic bad breath? Worse, have friends or family members mentioned that your breath has become offensive? No one wants to have a reputation of bad breath. Fortunately, excellent dental care can help. Preventive care, including daily hygiene and routine checkups and cleaning, can help remove plaque bacteria that can lead to bad breath.

Hygiene Is Key to Good Oral Health and Fresh Breath

  • People who floss daily are far less likely to struggle with chronic bad breath and its many causes such as cavities, gum disease and even tooth infections. So in addition to daily tooth brushing, be sure to floss daily as well, for fresher breath
  • Dental cleanings are also crucial, as they are the only way to remove calcified tartar buildup. If you have suffered from several cavities, in the past, you may want to schedule more frequent cleanings than just the standard twice a year appointments. Likewise, if you have been struggling with gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, you may need to go for additional checkups and periodontal cleanings until your oral health is restored. Gingivitis is a leading cause of chronic bad breath, as well as tooth loss, so it is certainly not something that should be ignored!
  • Another super simple way to help protect your oral health, and to freshen your breath, is by drinking more water. Water helps to clean the teeth and gums in between brushings. Sugar-free chewing gum can also help do the same. Just keep in mind gum is not a substitute for dental hygiene!