Does Your Smile Need a Restorative Dental Crown?

Does Your Smile Need a Restorative Crown?Dental trauma is just one of many reasons you might need restorative dentistry. Cavities are another common issue that can create a need for a restoration. Infections also require prompt restorative treatment, both to eliminate any discomfort or pain you are experiencing, but also to prevent the infection from spreading. Even chips and cracks, which might initially seem cosmetic, can actually create health risks for your smile, as well. Fortunately, dental crowns are a wonderful way to deal with many dental problems in a way that restores the smile both functionally and beautifully. So if you suspect you could be in need of restorative dentistry, learn more about the many benefits of choosing a dental crown.

When is a Crown the Right Restoration?

In the case of chips and cracks, dental crowns can help take the brunt of one’s chewing, in order to prevent the tooth’s damage from worsening with wear. After deep cavities, crowns can also be used to help prevent the decay from damaging more of the tooth, but also to prevent the possibility of infection, which can be caused when the interior of a tooth is exposed due to erosion. Crowns are also a great way to seal a tooth after root canal treatment, which is used to remove infected portions of the tooth and to restore the oral health.

Reasons to Seek Restorative Treatment Quickly

It is important to remember that prompt treatment of dental issues is imperative, to prevent the need for more extensive restorative treatment. For instance, when cavities are caught quickly minimally invasive fillings can usually address the issue. Left untreated, an infection may develop requiring root canal treatment.

When a tooth becomes chipped or cracked, a crown can usually help. However, if you leave the damage unaddressed, you may eventually require an extraction, or lose the damaged tooth.