Helping Kids Form Great Tooth Care Habits

Helping Kids Form Great Tooth Care HabitsWouldn’t it be great if children developed a love of tooth-brushing, just as their baby teeth were coming in? Alas, that isn’t usually the way it goes. It will take time to help your child develop good tooth care habits, but the effort will be worth it. Good tooth care habits mean healthier permanent teeth. Good preventive gum and mouth care also means better breath, and teeth that last longer. Good oral care has been linked with a lower risk of heart disease.

Model Good Behavior

Your child will pick up on your attitude towards brushing and flossing. Do you brush and floss regularly, perhaps with your child? Do you discuss reasons for limiting sugary drinks, and for swishing your mouth with water, when you can’t brush after eating? Older children may be interested in knowing how plaque forms on teeth, and why brushing is important. (If you aren’t sure of the answers, ask at your next appointment. We’ll be glad to tell you!)

Bring Them in For Checkups

Visiting a dentist twice a year is recommended for both children and adults. Our office is child-friendly, and we know how to work with wiggly little ones, as well as with adults. Regular checkups with children also allow us to monitor your child’s bite, and how teeth fit within the mouth. We can help you catch problems early, and suggest solutions. Fluoride treatments can give extra protection against decay, for example. A planned tooth extraction can help make space in an overcrowded mouth.

Always Wear A Mouthguard for Sports

Teeth are vulnerable to fracture and to being knocked loose or completely out during many popular childhood sports. The cost and minor inconvenience of getting a good mouthguard is well worth it.  Our office can help you with mouthguard decisions for your child. Make sure your child wears his or her mouthguard during sports activity, and cleans and stores it properly before and after.