Feel Gorgeous with a Customized Smile Makeover: Part One

Shine with a Customized Smile MakeoverAre you insecure because of disproportionately small or misshapen teeth? Do you spend a lot of time wishing you hadn’t been too embarrassed to wear braces as a teenager, because now you feel stuck with misaligned teeth? Have your teeth become jagged due to wear, or stained after years of smoking? Whatever your causes for concerns, did you know that a cosmetic dentist could help you smile proudly again? From simple whitening treatments, to more extensive smile enhancements, there is no reason to hide a smile that causes insecurity, when cosmetic dentistry could make your pearly whites something to be proud of, instead.

Is Staining Your Only Concern?

For patients whose only cause for concern is staining or discoloration, professional teeth whitening often provides a wonderful option for enhancement. That is because professional teeth whitening can work quickly and effectively to lighten teeth by several shades. In fact, many patients enjoy lightening by eight or more shades, when they choose professional treatment.

Do You Need More Extensive Improvements?

If your insecurities are based on more comprehensive issues that staining, there is still hope. Cosmetic dentistry offers a number of treatment options for dealing with size, spacing and other issues related to the teeth. For instance:

  • Cosmetic bonding is one potential treatment option, one that can be used to make disproportionately small or misshapen teeth more uniform. Bonding can also hide permanent staining, that whitening alone will not be effective at addressing. Bonding can even be used to hide minor gaps between the teeth, so long as the issues are purely cosmetic. (Functional alignment issues will likely require more extensive orthodontic treatment.)