How Can a Dentist Help Restore Your Oral Health?

Could Restorative Dentistry Help Your Smile?Have you spent the last few years neglecting your oral health? From forgetting to brush your teeth before bed at night to drinking more soda than water, skipping out on dental checkups to ignoring warning signs of trouble, such as heightened sensitivity, discoloration and even bleeding gums? If so, you could be suffering from an oral health issue. In many cases people don’t even realize there is a problem until they are at jeopardy of losing a tooth, experiencing extreme pain caused by an infection, or have even lost a tooth. Fortunately, restorative dentistry makes it possible to avoid these troubling scenarios if you choose to seek treatment at the first sign of trouble. Don’t delay dental care that could help restore and even save your smile!

Did You Skip Preventive Care and Now Have a Problem?

If you are diagnosed with a dental cavity, restorative treatment may also be relatively simple, such as a dental filling to help fill the hole created by the erosion, and to protect the tooth against further decay or even infection.

However, if the issue has already progressed, the dentist may need to perform more extensive treatment to help protect your tooth or teeth, if possible, and to improve the overall oral health.

In cases of infection, caused by an untreated cavity, dental trauma, gum disease or another issue, root canal treatment may be needed to help rid the tooth of the infection, prevent it from spreading, and finally protecting it from further damage. Dental crowns are commonly recommended after root canal treatment, to help create a tight and durable seal around a fragile tooth. Crowns can also be used to protect chipped or cracked teeth, as a crown is made to withstand the pressure of chewing, therefore protecting the tooth beneath.