Take Pride in Your Smile’s Crowning Achievement

Restorations Like Dental CrownsAre you worried that you might need restorative treatment after suffering trauma to your mouth or postponing restorative treatment for a painful cavity? Restorative treatment is almost always required when a tooth has become damaged. That’s because teeth cannot repair themselves the way some parts of the body can. Instead, a dentist must help restore the oral health and protect the fragile tooth. If you have delayed dental treatment for fear of what your smile will look or feel like with a restoration like a dental crown, it is time you let your dentist calm your fears. Porcelain dental crowns are generally more beautiful and comfortable than their metal predecessors, so there is no need to worry when it comes to smile restoration!

When Are Dental Crowns the Answer?

Many people think of dental crowns as a way to protect badly damaged teeth, such as those that have become infected and require root canal treatment, or severely chipped or cracked teeth. However, dental crowns are actually more versatile than many people think.

Crowns are commonly used to help:

  • Protect teeth after particularly deep cavities
  • Prevent worsening of chips, cracks or other damage
  • Improve a patient’s ability to chew competently and comfortably when a tooth has been damaged or become fragile
  • Anchor a dental bridge, as part of a stable prosthetic
  • Replace a tooth cosmetically and functionally as part of a dental implant

Beautiful and Durable Options for Restoration

Metal crowns were once common, but now many dentists prefer the benefits of utilizing a dental porcelain for restorative work. Not only do porcelain crowns look more natural, they are often more comfortable, since metal has a higher conductivity level than porcelain.

Some dentists even offer same-day porcelain crowns, through the use of E4D technology, which allows a dentist to take precise measurements, which a machine then uses to carefully carve out a custom dental crown from a ceramic block, right there in the dentist’s office. This prevents the need for a temporary crown, and allows patients to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and durable dental restoration, quickly!