Keep Your Smile Healthy with Preventive Dentistry: Part One

Preventive Care for Your SmileDo you want to avoid dental cavities this year, and keep your teeth and gums looking and feeling healthier than in the past? Maybe you are tired of struggling with bad breath caused by gingivitis, or the discomfort that often comes along with cavities, infections, and other dental problems. If you are determined to make it to your next dental checkup and receive a clean bill of oral health, there are a few key steps you should be taking. It is possible to enjoy great oral health with these simple, yet important oral care steps!

Make Sure You Brush and Floss Daily

Most people know that they should brush their teeth every day, generally once in the morning and once at night. But many people don’t realize that brushing a third time a day, after lunch, for instance, can actually be helpful. This can help limit how much time bacteria and food particles remain on your teeth.

Of course, flossing is another imperative aspect of an oral health routine. That’s because flossing helps to remove particles that can remain left behind, trapped between teeth where a toothbrush won’t be able to reach.

Some general dentists may also recommend using a mouthwash to fight plaque bacteria, or an oral rinse that can help keep your mouth hydrated. Proper hydration is important to producing saliva, which helps naturally prevent plaque buildup. Some people struggle with chronic dry mouth, no matter how much water they drink. A mouthwash and oral rinse will never be substitutes for brushing and flossing, though, so only use these as supplemental to the other parts of your oral care routine.