What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening: Part One

What You Need to Know About Teeth WhiteningWho doesn’t want a lovely and bright smile? It might even seem easier than ever to achieve one, given the sheer volume of dental products available over-the-counter, that promise to lighten teeth, and create dazzling smiles. How effective are these products, though? Are they safe for your teeth? Will they be able to achieve your desired results? Here is what cosmetic dentists want you to know about how to safely whiten your teeth, so you can enjoy a beautiful, and more importantly a healthy smile, now and for years to come!

How Do You Know What’s Safe and What Works?

There are currently so many over-the-counter products available that claim to whiten teeth, it can be hard to distinguish what is safe and effective, much less a good purchase. Fortunately cosmetic dentists are able to offer some helpful guidelines when it comes to whitening your teeth.

If you heed their advice, it is possible to enjoy a healthy and dazzling smile!

1. Only Choose Products that Are ADA Approved

The American Dental Association’s seal of approval is good indication that a product has been properly tested and proven to be safe. Just keep in mind that the safety of any whitening product, including all-natural home remedies featured prominently on many social media sites, is dependent on using them properly. In the case of many of the home remedies, the ingredients themselves may be safe, but the concentrations recommended could be too abrasive to be used on the teeth.

2. Follow the Directions Outlined, and Don’t Overuse Products

One of the biggest problems with any whitening treatment comes when patients overuse them in an effort to create even more dramatic results. When patients use whitening treatments back-to-back, or for extended periods of time, they are far more likely to create tooth sensitivity, to irritate the sensitive gum tissue, or even to weaken or damage to the enamel of the teeth.