Get Closer to Your Dream Smile with Cosmetic Bonding, Contouring

Closer to a Dream Smile with Cosmetic Bonding and ContouringAre you nervous about an upcoming blind date, because of imperfections in your teeth? Do you find yourself trying, in vain, to hide your smile while laughing, all because of longstanding insecurities caused by noticeable flaws in your smile? If so, why not start this new season by finally taking the time to make a change? After all, there is no reason to feel insecure, when cosmetic dentistry like bonding and contouring could help get you closer to your dream smile!

Correct Size Issues and Other Teeth Problems with Cosmetic Bonding

Many people have heard of porcelain veneers, but fewer have heard of cosmetic bonding. Interestingly, bonding can accomplish similar results to veneers, but often much faster and more affordably.

Bonding is a minimally invasive procedure that involves sculpting composite resin onto the teeth, to help create a more symmetrical and beautiful smile. The material is the same one used for many modern dental fillings, because it bonds well with teeth, and also blends nearly seamlessly within a natural smile. This is why the resin makes a great material for cosmetic procedures as well.

By carefully using the resin to hide gaps, permanent staining, or correct size or shape issues of the teeth, the dentist can help create a much more beautiful, yet still natural-looking smile, quickly and affordably.

In fact, in most cases, the dentist can correct the esthetic issues in less than an hour, through cosmetic bonding.

Improve the Appearance of Worn Teeth with Contouring

Contouring is another fast, and minimally-invasive way to address concerns. It involves carefully etching away portions of the teeth that are disproportionately large, overlapping or jagged.

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