Fill Their Easter with Delight, Not Dental Decay

Easter Basket Ideas from Your Preventive DentistWondering how to fill those Easter baskets, this year, without risking damage to your children’s great smiles, or causing a sugar coma that lasts all afternoon? If so, your preventive dentist has several smile-friendly alternatives to traditional candy and other sweet treats. It is possible to elicit squeals of joy, after all, without putting those precious teeth in potential jeopardy. It just takes some creative thinking, and a willingness to think outside the candy box!

What Can the Easter Bunny Bring This Year?

Easter is a fun time for discovering all kinds of treats, whether hidden in the yard, or simply placed in a basket to open Easter morning! If you want to choose items that aren’t sugar-laden, here are some fun alternatives to candy. You won’t have to worry about any of these melting while waiting for young scavengers to collect them, or about them needing dental fillings as a result of all the Easter loot.)

Small games and toys, stuffed animals and coloring books are all great options for Easter baskets. You can also include sugar-free snacks like cheese or peanut-butter filled crackers, all-natural fruit snacks (just make sure they don’t have added sugar), or even sugar-free gum, which can actually be good for the smile.

Older kids might not want a stuffed animal or coloring book, so opt for age-appropriate items like a copy of their favorite movie on DVD, gift cards to download music, accessories for their phones or tablets, books or hobby-specific items, like craft supplies for budding artists, and new gear for an aspiring musician.

You could also give kids tickets to see a new film, game passes for a local arcade or bowling alley, or tickets to the latest exhibit at their favorite museum or activity center. This encourages family time, and gives them something to look forward to long after the Easter eggs have been discovered, and any sweets would have been devoured.