Smile Lighter and Brighter with Cosmetic Dentistry

Brighter Smiles through Cosmetic DentistryDo you wish your smile shone just a bit brighter? Maybe you’re tired of trying to hide your smile when out with friends, all because of imperfections with your teeth. Lots of people are born with less-than-ideal smiles, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. If you want a brighter or better smile, cosmetic dentistry can help! In fact, there are actually a number of treatments available to help enhance your smile!

Weighing Your Options for Enhancement

By far, the most common cosmetic dental treatment is professional whitening. Not only is it fast, it is also highly effective, often lightening teeth by seven or more shades. Though over-the-counter products may be able to lighten teeth by a few shades, few are able to create as dramatic results as professional whitening. Plus, they do not come with the expertise of a cosmetic dentist, who can help address any permanent or intrinsic staining that might exist.

Bonding and contouring are other fast options for improving the teeth’s appearance Bonding, for instance, is used to help make small or jagged teeth appear more proportional and smooth. Contouring is similar, but it is used when teeth appear too large. Both can generally be completed in under an hour.

Porcelain veneers can also address disproportional teeth, worn or jagged edges, permanent staining, and even minor gaps between teeth. But veneers are made of durable dental porcelain, which can last for over a decade with great dental hygiene and regular professional cleanings. That is why many people favor the longevity of choosing porcelain veneers for cosmetic enhancements!

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