Let the Stars Go Home with Gold, Not Your Smile

Dazzle with Natural-looking RestorationsAre you excited to host the greatest Oscars party ever? If so you may have already loaded up on silver and gold decorations to honor the stars and starlets that will soon be going home with those iconic metallic statuettes. But even if you’re a fan of gold décor and jewelry, that doesn’t mean you want it in your smile! Most dental patients prefer a more natural look, when it comes to smile restorations. Fortunately, modern restorative dentistry provides a number of ways to cope with dental cavities, chips, and other problems, all while leaving your smile shining just as brightly as before the dental issue!

Wondering What Kind of Crown to Get?

Porcelain crowns have become incredibly popular in recent years, not only because of their natural look, but because of their strength. In fact, many people don’t realize that dental porcelain is approximately 90 percent as strong and stain resistant as natural tooth enamel, which means it can be cared for and will age like natural teeth!

It’s also incredibly customizable, which allows your dentist to fit you with a crown that will blend nearly seamlessly with your natural smile.

Do You Need a Dental Filling?

Modern dental fillings can also be made to look incredibly natural. Instead of a metal amalgam filling, ask your restorative dentist about composite resin, which bonds well with teeth and is tooth-colored.

And if you have outdated or damaged dental fillings, talk to your dentist about replacing them with a more esthetically-pleasing and comfortable alternative, like composite resin!

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