Enjoy the Sweet Life Again with a Dental Filling

Back to Life with a Dental FillingDid you grow up enjoying a scoop of ice cream to celebrate your accomplishments? Many adults have fond memories associated with some of their favorite foods. Unfortunately, some lose the ability to enjoy those nostalgic treats without discomfort, due to dental problems like cavities. In fact, almost every adult will experience at least one cavity during his life. The good news, though, is that cavities are often very simple to address. In fact, a quick dental filling is usually all that is needed to bounce back from dental decay. So if you want to be able to feast on a cone filled with decadent ice cream, once again, and to experience the childlike joy that comes with it, it’s time to talk to your restorative dentist about how a dental filling could help.

What Restorative Treatment Is Needed for a Cavity?

Whether it has been years since you last needed restorative treatment to cope with a cavity, or you have not yet experienced one, it is important to note that modern restorative treatment provides alternatives to the metal formerly used exclusively to create dental fillings.

Composite resin can be used to create a tooth-colored filling that is both beautiful and natural-looking, as well as a safer alternative for patients with metal allergies. And because the resin bonds incredibly well with teeth, it can still create a durable and tight seal of protection, to help prevent further decay.

Of course, before a filling can be placed, the restorative dentist will first need to clean the affected tooth and sanitize the area. If the cavity has already progressed, there may be a need for more extensive treatment like root canal therapy. That is one reason why you should call your restorative dentist at the first sign of trouble, rather than postponing an appointment, giving the issue time to worsen.