Enjoy a Healthier, Prettier Smile Through A Tooth Filling

Cavity Treatment with Tooth-colored FillingsThe holidays are filled with a lot of wonder, as well as a great many sweet treats. But if all those decadent desserts have wreaked havoc on your smile, you may find yourself frowning, thanks to a cavity. While it’s nothing to be embarrassed by, in fact most people will experience a cavity at least once in their lives; it is something that needs to be promptly treated. Otherwise you are at risk of developing a painful tooth infection. So if you notice symptoms of a cavity, such as sensitivity or pain, dark lines in the crevice of a tooth, or white patches that can mean the layer beneath the enamel has become exposed, it’s time to consult your restorative dentist. A simple filling can likely help restore your smile’s health, especially if you call at the first sign of a cavity!

The New Alternative to Metal

While metal fillings were once considered the ideal, and in many offices were the only form of restorative treatment following a cavity, many restorative dentists now offer a non-metal alternative. This is great news for patients with metal allergies, but also for any patients concerned with the appearance of their smile.

Unlike noticeable metal filings, composite resin fillings, often called tooth-colored fillings, are made to blend seamlessly with a smile, so most people won’t recognize dental work has been completed. Plus, composite resin bonds well with teeth, helping to create a tight seal that helps prevent further decay or an infection.

Without prompt treatment the decay is only likely to worsen, creating a need for more extensive treatment. So if you want to avoid the need for root canal treatment or even a tooth extraction, schedule a restorative appointment at the first sign of a cavity.

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