Busy Life? It’s Time for Invisalign Treatment

Time for Invisalign TreatmentDon’t have time to put your life on hold for orthodontic treatment? No problem. Thanks to Invisalign orthodontics you don’t have to choose between straightening your teeth or enjoying your life, right now. You can do both! Because Invisalign relies on clear plastic aligner trays, you don’t have to worry about showing up to school or work with a mouth full of metal. Plus, you can actually remove the trays for eating, which means no more fear of going in for a kiss with a head of broccoli stuck in your braces. So, whether you’re an adult who has delayed treatment for fear of being the only 30 or 40-something in the office with orthodontic gear, or a teenager hesitant to head to prom with brackets crowding your smile and style, Invisalign clear braces could be the answer. It’s time to stop waiting and wishing for straighter teeth, and to ask your dentist about Invisalign treatment, which can beautify your smile without causing you to sacrifice your confidence or comfort today!

What Makes Invisalign Special?

  • Invisalign can correct many of the same alignment issues as traditional orthodontia, but with a number of benefits compared to metal braces.
  • The clear trays can be changed simply, every two weeks or so, limiting the number of visits you must make to the dentist. This not only saves you a lot of transportation costs, it can save you a great deal of invaluable time.
  • Though the trays need to be worn approximately 20 or 22 hours a day for best results, that gives you the opportunity to remove them for eating and daily tooth brushing and flossing. This can help save you from a great deal of embarrassment and discomfort as you enjoy meals, but it also allows you to care for your teeth properly during treatment.
  • Perhaps most notable, is that Invisalign braces are nearly unidentifiable, which means most of the people at your school or place of work won’t even notice that you’re wearing them. This can help you maintain your confidence while enhancing your smile by effectively straightening your teeth.
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