Getting the Dish on Modern Dental Crowns

The Dish on Dental CrownsAlmost every adult on earth will suffer from at least one cavity in life, making it nearly impossible to scrape by without even a single need for restorative dentistry. Thankfully, unlike in decades past, restorative treatment doesn’t have to mean the end of your smile as you know it. If you still think of shiny gold, ill-fitting crowns when you think of restorative dentistry, it’s time to think again. Modern dental crowns offer both beauty and strength, helping to create seamless restorations. Whether they are protecting fragile teeth or helping to complete your smile after tooth loss, here is the dish on modern dental crowns.

What Makes Porcelain Crowns Desirable

While some dentists still use metal dental crowns for some teeth, particularly heavily used back molars, many dentists and patients, alike, prefer porcelain. That’s because it is strong but also highly adaptable, so that a crown can be made to closely match your natural teeth.

  • If you want inconspicuous restorative work, you might be surprised just how well a dental crown can fit the bill.
  • Crowns can be made to match your teeth’s natural coloring, contouring, size and shape.
  • They will even shine like your teeth, making it nearly impossible for most people to recognize that you’ve had any restorative work completed.

How Technology Is Making Treatment Even Faster

Thanks to E4D technology, preparing and placing crowns is faster than ever. The technology enables the dentist to take digital impressions of your mouth, and then have the machine mill your dental crown while you wait.

Instead of sending measurements off to a ceramicist, you can simply wait in the dentist’s office while the machine does all the work. This allows dentists to fit patients with permanent crowns, generally on the same day as their appointment.

Remember, too, dental crowns make beautiful ways to complete a smile after tooth loss. A replacement crown can be anchored using dental bridges or dental implants to offer stability along with the beauty.