How to Enjoy a Light, Bright Smile

Confident Smile Cosmetic DentistrySummer is a great time to put your best foot forward, and to smile confidently as you enjoy all the activities that only this season affords. In fact, you may have already invested in a fun new bathing suit, cozy flip flops, or other summer gear to best enjoy the season. But what about your smile? Is it looking lackluster after a long winter and spring? If your smile could use a fresh summer makeover, professional teeth whitening could help.

How Is Professional Whitening Different than Over-the-Counter Options?

While there are a number of whitening products at your grocery store or pharmacy, from toothpastes to teeth strips, there are some disadvantages to these products. Natural whitening remedies can also have drawbacks.

The first issue is that the one-size-fits-all approach to whitening is not always effective. The whitening strips may not fit your teeth correctly, for instance, leaving parts of them unchanged. This can also cause the bleaching product to touch your sensitive gum tissue. In addition to not always providing the dramatic results touted, for many patients the bleaching products available over-the-counter can cause heightened sensitivity or even discomfort. The same is true of some home remedies, which may be all-natural but can still be too abrasive for sensitive teeth.

Professional whitening relies on either in-office treatment, carefully completed by our trained dental staff, or custom-fit trays designed just for you. Both options help to reduce the risk of irritating sensitive gums and teeth, and just as importantly, they offer great results. Many patients can safely lighten their teeth three to five shades with professional whitening. Few over-the-counter products can make such a drastic difference in the brightness of your smile.

How Long Will Whitening Take?

The length of time it will take to reach your desired results with professional whitening will depend on the severity of your stains and the treatment option you choose. In-office whitening is often completed in as little as one hour in a single visit. If you choose the take-home whitening, you will likely need to wear the custom-fit trays for 30 to 45 minutes a day, for one to two weeks. Again, the time can be catered to your schedule.

Professional whitening can also be done in conjunction with other forms of smile improvement, such as veneers or dental bonding and contouring, based upon your particular cosmetic concerns.


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