Our Practice Can Meet With You To Discuss Implant Dentistry

By learning about the benefits of prosthetic dental work with dental implants, you can discover just how much the right restoration can do for you. In addition to giving you more confidence in your smile, a dental prosthetic held in place by an implant can provide support for your bite function, help stabilize teeth next to a gap, and even help you preserve the health of your jawbone! At our Tucson, AZ dentist’s office, patients who have been affected by tooth loss can come to us to discuss the benefits of a procedure, and to learn what the process of fully restoring their smile can involve. With this one procedure, you can enjoy a better smile and better dental function for many years! (more…)

Show Off A Bright, Confident Smile After Receiving Veneers

Are you frequently finding yourself hiding your smile, or trying to avoid letting people notice your teeth when you speak? Even minor flaws that affect your smile can impact your confidence in a significant way. At our Tucson, AZ dentist’s office, we can address issues that you have with your smile by placing porcelain veneers on your teeth to address problems like discoloration, wear and tear, and even problems with your alignment. Veneers require less preparatory work than you might expect, as they only cover the fronts of teeth. Despite their slim design, they can hold up remarkably well against years of biting and chewing friction, which can ensure that you continue to show off an improved smile! (more…)

You Can Bring Everyone In Your Family To Our Dental Office!

Everyone in your family can benefit from access to professional dental services. For kids, regular pediatric dental visits offer guidance on good oral hygiene, updates on the developments of their oral structures, and protection against decay. Adults who attend dental checkups also enjoy protection against tooth decay, and they also receive warnings about different issues that might affect their oral health. Your experience with dental care can be made more convenient by our Tucson, AZ dentist’s office, as we are prepared to provide smile care to patients of all ages. That means you can bring everyone in your family to see us for quality oral health support! (more…)

Using A Same Day Crown To Complete Your Cavity Treatment

While it can be important to feel confident in the restorative dental work you receive, it can be hard not to feel a little impatient to have your treatment completed. After all, it can be alarming to know that a cavity has done permanent harm to your smile, and you can be eager to move past the problem as soon as possible. At our Tucson, AZ dentist’s office, we can actually take care to completely restore a tooth affected by decay with a dental crown in as little as one appointment. For other practices, the process of restoring a tooth with a crown can call for at least two appointments, as they need to wait for a third party dental lab to produce their restoration. We can make sure that you have your tooth restored in less time, and that it is covered with a crown that actually matches its appearance so that your smile remains unchanged. (more…)

What Kind Of Care Can I Expect During A Dental Emergency?

At regular six months intervals, patients can receive important feedback about the condition of their smile during a routine dental exam. Through these exams, your Tucson, AZ dentist can identify signs of problems that should be addressed through restorative dental work before they become too serious. Unfortunately, some problems are not caught early, or they occur suddenly. If you start to develop a problem with a severe toothache that you cannot explain, or if you physically injure your tooth, we can bring you in promptly for emergency dental work. At your emergency appointment, care will be taken to find out what needs to be done for your tooth so that its health and appearance can be fully restored. (more…)

Exploring Different Approaches To Cosmetic Dentistry

How do you feel about your smile today? Has your comfort with your appearance changed recently? Problems with gradual enamel erosion, teeth stains, and dental damage can affect the way people feel about their teeth. For others, concerns around the shape, size, or alignment of certain teeth may have given them long-standing issues with how they look. At our Tucson, AZ dentist’s office, we are prepared to help those who feel unhappy with the way they look when they smile. Through cosmetic dentistry, we can help you address a specific issue that bothers you, or provide you with treatment to take on several concerns.

Pediatric Dental Services Help Kids Maintain Healthy Teeth

While kids and their parents can have different needs when it comes to oral health care, the threat of dental decay is consistent for anyone who has at least one tooth. What this means is that when your baby’s first teeth begin to arrive, you need to think about how you can keep them safe from cavities. Caring for their teeth at home, providing a healthy mix of foods and drinks as they age, and encouraging them to take smile care seriously as they age will be important. Remember that you are not alone when it comes to protecting your child’s smile. At our Tucson, AZ dentist’s office, we are able to provide dental care to patients of all ages. We can tailor pediatric dental appointments to the needs of our youngest patients, and help them grow up with a smile that is healthy and confident! (more…)

Trusting Dental Implants To Restore Your Smile And Bite

Few oral health problems can affect a person’s confidence and bite function like tooth loss. Having a gap in your smile can make you ashamed of your appearance. Even one missing tooth can have a negative impact on the force you are able to apply when you bite down, and working around that gap can create problems over time for your jaw joints and muscles. At our Tucson, AZ dentist’s office, patients who are struggling with tooth loss can find out what a dental implant can do for them. An implant is able to hold a prosthetic tooth securely enough to let you use it to bite and chew food. With the right restoration, it can also help you regain confidence in your appearance. (more…)

How Conservative Bonding Procedures Produce Big Changes

Even if a dental flaw is relatively small, it can attract a frustrating amount of attention. After all, small variations in a person’s smile can cause asymmetry, which can hurt the quality of their appearance. Minor chips, cracks, or naturally occurring flaws can also stand apart enough to draw attention from the overall smile. Fortunately, it is often possible to deal with these problems through conservative cosmetic dental work. A dental bonding procedure can change a tooth’s shape, size, and color with relatively little work. The bonding treatment does not involve the creation or placement of any permanent restoration. Instead, composite resin is applied to the tooth to correct flaws. This work can also be performed along with contouring treatment to make sure you feel confident in your appearance. (more…)

Why Patients Benefit From Access To Same-Day Crowns

When a problem that affects your tooth demands more support than a dental filling can offer, your dentist can turn to a dental crown to complete your restorative treatment. Dental crowns cap teeth to keep them safe from damage, and to ensure that they are able to continue providing support when you bite and chew. Our Tucson, AZ dentist’s office is able to restore teeth with dental crowns when there are issues with cavities or physical trauma. Thanks to the modern technology at our practice, we can actually supply patients with custom crowns that are ready in just one appointment! (more…)