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3 Easy Ways to Prevent Cavities

Cavities are the culmination of a few different things. For instance, if you have poor hygiene practices, then oral bacteria can accumulate more than usual on your teeth. If you snack often or indulge in sugar-rich snacks and beverages, then you give those bacteria what they need to produce tooth-eroding acids. Because there are several… Read more »

Improve Your Chances of Preventing Tooth Loss

With today’s advanced dental techniques and technology, rebuilding your smile after suffering from tooth loss is simpler and more effective than it’s ever been. However, preventing tooth loss whenever possible is still preferable when it comes to preserving the long-term health and integrity of your smile. The good news is the most common causes of… Read more »

Could Daily Sweets Be Causing You Major Dental Problems?

Many adults would admit to having a so-called “sweet tooth.” Unfortunately, whether you like to indulge in a daily cookie, cupcake, bowl of ice cream, candybar, or even soda or sweetened tea or coffee, your little bad habit could add up to some pretty major dental problems. If you want to avoid cavities, which are… Read more »

Cavity Prevention So Simple Anyone Could Do It, and Why You Should

Most people know that cavities are common dental problems, but few realize just how pervasive they have become. Recent studies indicate that nearly 90 percent of the adults in America will suffer from dental caries, commonly called cavities. Nearly one third of school-aged children are also likely to have cavities. Fortunately, you can do something… Read more »

Don’t Miss the Chance to Schedule Preventive Care!

Summer may be known as a time for visiting family, spending more time outdoors with friends, and frequenting local attractions, like the library, the park and the pool. But summer can also be a great time to visit the family dentist. After all, children are like adults, in that they need regular professional dental cleanings… Read more »

Which Is Really Better for Your Teeth?

Ever wondered if floss is really all that necessary, or whether you should spring for a pricey electric toothbrush? In fact, do you have quite a few dental-related questions, but feel too embarrassed to talk to your preventive dentist about them? Many people let confusion about proper preventive care, keep them from giving their smiles… Read more »

Does Your Child Need Dental Treatment?

  As a parent, there are likely already a host of activities on your metaphorical plate. From meal planning and soccer practices, to doctor visits and occasionally even sleep, you might feel like you can’t possibly add even one more event to your calendar. Yet, if your child hasn’t seen the dentist recently there are… Read more »

Do Your Kids Need to See the Dentist?

As a parent, do you feel like your calendar and daily life is already quite full? In fact, between soccer practice and band booster meetings, do you feel like you’re barely able to catch your breath, much less to devise a dental care plan for the whole family? If your children are still young, you… Read more »

Simple Ways to Enjoy Great Oral Health in 2017

Now that a new year has officially begun, you may already be trying to live out the resolutions you set on New Year’s Eve. For instance, you might be eating healthier foods, and hitting the gym with increased frequency. But what about your oral health? Have you taken any steps to protect some of your… Read more »

Can Pregnancy Affect Your Oral Health?

The answer is yes. Any hormonal changes can have an effect on your oral health, and pregnancy is rife with hormonal changes. A surge in hormones can exaggerate the way your gingival tissue reacts to the bacterial plaque that forms on your teeth and along your gumline. So, if you’re pregnant and are wondering if… Read more »